Resident Profile: Alan Dyson | May 2022

Resident Profile: Alan Dyson

Alan Dyson is one of our newest residents at RiverCourt Residences and he is always open to telling anyone a good story. Alan has been writing since he was in his 60s and loves to tell the stories of his life. His favorite pastimes are listening to music, chatting and socializing, and writing his life stories. When he was younger he loved to be outside and play baseball and football. He also lived by a farm where he loved to visit the animals with his brother when he was 5 and his brother was 6.

His mom taught him a lot of life lessons and advice in his life including “always ladies first,” “you always need to help others,” “and always keep in touch with those that you love.” One of his favorite memories in life was when he and his wife of 58 years went to Africa when MIT sent him there to teach at 54 years old and they were there for a summer. His favorite music includes artists like Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, his favorite movies are about the natural world, and his favorite television shows to watch are the news, MSNBC, CNN, and the local news.

An accomplishment that Alan is proud of is having two great children who then had their own 2 kids. Seeing his kids go off to college was another big accomplishment for him as well as seeing them succeed. His favorite memory with his son was when he was 3 and he liked to watch the squirrels and wanted to feed them. He also wanted to make homes for them and paint their tails (with non-toxic paint) then would let them loose again. What makes Alan the happiest today though is meeting new people and hearing their stories along the way.  Welcome, Alan to RiverCourt Residences!