Wellness Article: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Happy | April 2022

  1. Exercise: Even 7 minutes a day can boost serotonin and your mood. Going outside for a walk in the fresh air, doing a quick stretch or exercise when you wake up, or simply walking a few more steps a day will do. Not only can exercise boost your mood, but it can also boost your brain energy and help you to relax if you are feeling anxious or stressed.

  2. Sleeping Longer: Sleep helps our bodies recover from whatever activities you did the day prior. It helps us repair and to also focus on the day ahead, as well as be more productive in what comes during the day. Your wholeday could be interrupted if you don’t get enough sleep to energize you and to fuel you for the day, maybe even the week.

  3. Spending More Time with Family/Friends: Social time and hanging out with family and friends is a surefire way to boost your mood and keep you happy. Doing activities with family makes them more fun and enjoyable when with people that you enjoy spending time with. Boosting your mood might mean that some days you might need space, but anytime you feel lonely, spending time with loved ones can boost your serotonin as well.

  4. Having Time to Yourself: While spending time with friends and loved ones is a good way to be happy, sometimes taking a day for yourself or even just a few hours can also be just as cathartic. Binge watching a tv show, taking a nap, splurging on yourself while shopping, or any other activity that brings you happiness will do. Sometimes being alone is what someone needs to recuperate oneself.

  5. Focus on what makes you the Happiest: Focusing on only what makes you the happiest in life can help you to get rid of any negativity in your life. Focus on not only what, but who makes you the happiest in life and center yourself around those people and those things/ideas. Putting yourself first and putting positive energy forward instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life can change anyone’s mood.

    RiverCourt has a few activities going on to celebrate Earth Day this year.
    There will be a presentation created by Megan Kangas (activities assistant) and presented by Amanda Cowan (activities director) on Earth Day about what you can do to help the planet. Other activities that are happening around Earth Day will revolve around recycled items and planting seeds that will grow into flowers.

    Earth Day is important because
    , to put it simply, the Earth is important. The day recognizes the harm humans can cause while showing the massive amounts of support across the globe for protecting the Earth and the environment. This is especially important in relation to the climate crisis, to enact real change, our governments must be aware of the desire of them to push further regulations to combat climate change.

    Earth day is important for so many more reasons, including that it allows
    a day of education about certain environmental issues affecting our planet every year. It also helps to signal the government to start acting and making a plan to follow those before them and make actual change. It’s a reflection on everything that is going on in the world and how things can be changed for the better not just for the Earth but for the health of all that live in it. Hopefully Earth Day will continue to influence national policy and the people who live around the world to make more changes and build up a better world.