Valentine’s Celebration

Each month we invite seniors from surrounding towns to join us for events at RiverCourt.

Our Valentine’s celebration included a decoupage craft, buffet lunch and raffle prizes. What a wonderful time we had!

Hershey’s Ice Cream Social

Our residents enjoyed an impromptu ice cream social hosted by our Hershey ice cream vendor. Hershey not only offers a wide variety of flavors that surely enhance the ice cream offerings for our residents, they also host ice cream socials as a wonderful way to create a sense of community and provide residents with a delightful experience.

National Chili Day

It was wonderful to spend time with our professional partners on National Chili Day. We used our IN2L screen to play bingo for prizes!

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Residents had a St Patricks Day party!


Kristin Nelson, Founder of “Audivi” memory banks, came by help us understand effective strategies for using a memory bank to create positive moments of engagement for an individual with memory loss and how reminiscing boosts mood, reduces depression, improves physical and cognitive health!

RiverCourt started attending classes with Susanne Liebich in 2017 by going to Dragon Fly Wellness Center in Devens, MA. Through COVID-19, Susanne did video exercises before being able to return to lead her in person dance routines in 2023! Susanne’s classes are fun, natural, & a good workout! Look at RiverCourt’s social calendar’s to see when she comes in once a month!

Fun visit with barn animals at Rivercourt!