music-memory-1Recently, a number of students from the Groton School volunteered their time at nearby RiverCourt Residences, making a positive impact on the assisted living community as a whole. Over the past three months, the student volunteers spent three afternoons each week getting to know the residents in the Reflections memory care unit at RiverCourt. The goal of the students was to develop a quality music library and personalized playlists for the residents on their iPods.

The inspiration behind this partnership was the internationally recognized MUSIC & MEMORY program that was developed by Dan Cohen in 2006. MUSIC & MEMORY is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life of individuals with Alzheimer’s,  dementia, and other physical and cognitive challenges by helping them reconnect with the world around them using music.

This program was brought to RiverCourt by a group of bright and sensitive Groton School students, whose patience and kindness touched the lives of the Reflections residents almost as much as the music. Kim Landi, RN, Reflections program director and Laurie Morency, Life Enrichment director have strived to implement the most current evidence-based practices in the Reflections unit at RiverCourt, with the goal of optimizing the quality of life in those that suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

For Kim and Laurie, the MUSIC & MEMORY program has exceeded their expectations in this area. The iPods offer one more way that they and their staff can help residents in times of loneliness, frustration, or anxiety. RiverCourt Residences is honored to say that they are now a MUSIC & MEMORY certified facility, meeting the guidelines set forth by the MUSIC & music-memory-3MEMORY certification program, thereby strengthening the facility’s commitment to person-centered care. Find  more information on the MUSIC & MEMORY program.

RiverCourt Residences Reflections Program

  • Expertly trained care team, led by a full time RN who is the Reflections program director, and a full time Reflections Life Enrichment director.
  • Individualized care plans
  • Country Kitchen for supervised cooking.
  • Daily activities celebrating resident life achievements.
  • Higher than industry average staff-to-resident ratio.
  • Multi-level, simultaneous activities.
  • Encouragement to join independent and assisted living activities.

For more information about RiverCourt Residences and our Reflections program, call 978-448-4122