Sandy Becker and Kristin Cossette holding Award

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary as Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce Members

This past March, we were honored to receive our 20th Anniversary Membership Participation Award from the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce.    

Memory Café Meets on the Third Tuesday Every Month!

A memory café is held in a safe and comfortable space where caregivers and their loved ones can socialize and enjoy activities together. They allow those living with any form of dementia or cognitive decline an opportunity to enjoy the company of other. Memory Cafes’ provide mutual support, exchange of information and a place for […]

Resident Profile: Alan Dyson | May 2022

Resident Profile: Alan Dyson Alan Dyson is one of our newest residents at RiverCourt Residences and he is always open to telling anyone a good story. Alan has been writing since he was in his 60s and loves to tell the stories of his life. His favorite pastimes are listening to music, chatting and socializing, […]