International Night: Residents Get Transported to France for International Night

Resident Profile: Joe DiGiovanni

Joe is one of our newest residents here at RiverCourt Residences. He enjoys music, dancing and socializing with all the other residents so far since moving in a couple months ago. His other hobbies include watching tv, comedies, and true crime (which is a new passion of his.) Joe has traveled all over the world, […]

Staff Profile: Kathryn Murphey, CNA for Reflections Residents

Kathryn Murphey is not only our staff member of the month for our newsletter, but she is also our employee of the month overall for RiverCourt Residences. Kathryn was born January 7, 2000 and is currently 22 years old. She started working at RiverCourt in July of 2017 and has been working in Reflections as […]