Staff Profile: Scott Taylor, Resident Assistant

Scott Taylor is an original member of RiverCourt Residences, workingnow for 20 years and 4 months since December of 2001. Before Scottstarted working at RiverCourt he was unemployed and happened upona newspaper showing the opening of RiverCourt Residences. Heapplied for the job and originally was told that he was overqualifiedfor the original position. At the […]

Reflections Happenings | April 2022

Earth Day Celebration | April 2022

On April 22nd of this year, Earth Day is once again celebrated to protect the planet from environmental disasters like pollution and deforestation and overall environmental protection. Earth day was first implemented in the 1960’s by Senator Gaylord Nelson when he stated that he was worried that environmental issues were not being addressed in a […]