New Employee: Ian, Maintenance

Ian is our other newest maintenance employee here at RiverCourt, also starting his full time position this past January. He started painting with Dave in RiverCourt 2 years ago and the rest is history. Ian has been working in the trade field for 20 years and has always enjoyed trying to solve problems and issues. […]

Tips for Staying Hydrated During the Day

Our bodies are made up of nearly 60% water, so when your body gets dehydrated, it doesn’t know how to function and energy levels can decrease dramatically. Not only does your energy decrease, but your digestion can become unregular and even your immunity can be compromised. Especially now during the pandemic, it’s more important than […]

Covid Updates | March 2022

All visitors and staff continue to sign in at the front desk.  We will continue social distancing guidelines as given to from the CDC guidelines.  Surveillance testing will continue throughout RiverCourt until further notice which is recommended by the CDC.  Reflections and AL/IL are starting to intermingle again.  All residents from both AL/IL and Reflections […]